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Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

Tuesday 6th September, 2011
Berlin - Germany

The Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin fOr Materialien und Energie GmbH (HZB) operates one of the world 's most advanced Synchrotron Light Sources (BESSY II) in the VUV to soft x-ray range. With its accelerator staff of about 100, HZB strives to continuously improve its existing accelerators, and to develop novel concepts lor luture applications.

With these goals in mind, HZB has secured lunding lor the BERLinPro project, a 100 mA, low emittance Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) design to develop the technology and expertise required lor luture high-current CW ERLs, The project is embedded in a Iramework of international collaborations. The pre-accelerator consists of an ambitious SRF photoinjector and high-beamloading SRF booster cavities. The main linac employs strongly HOM-damped SRF cavities. The sophisticated beam transler system, comprising both linear and non-linear elements, includes recirculation , a merger and beam splitter and beam diagnostics.

Plans cali lor a rapid expansion of the new project team in a variety of fields. In this context the SRF Institute of Science and Technology and the Institute for Accelerator Physics is seeking excellent candidates for various vacancies (see PDF documents)