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AIM & Topics

While the present superconducting RF accelerator technology is based on solid Niobium, the new generation of Particle Accelerators calls for a mandatory technological effort.

Even if sometimes considered an heretical approach, thin film technology combines considerable savings in fabrication costs with the opportunity of creating new materials by innovative technologies. Intensive and coordinated R&D effort is of decisive importance for the scientific Community.

The immediate infusion of industrial expertise and specialists from cross-disciplinary fields, as for instance superconductivity, plasma physics, material science, nanotechnology and RF engineering, is of crucial importance

- Thin film cavities in international projects

- High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering

- Q-drop mechanism

- Superconductors different than Nb

- Nb/ Cu Sputtering

- MgB2

- Ionic liquids for Electropolishing

- Electroplating

- Arc Deposition of Niobium

- CVD deposition

- Atmospheric plasmas/cavity cleaning

- Surface Analysis

- Energetic condensation / highly ionized plasmas

- Seamless cavities